The home no cat can resist!

These are clean lightweight bases made of a one piece material that is easy to clean and sterilize. These bases are easy to stow and do not permit the entrapment of viral, fungal, or bacterial spores that could infect your precious cat, not to mention the costly veterinarian visits to treat and recuperate. These basses have a grip floor for their paw pads. They are stackable to three tiers case height. They come in open floor design so kitty can jump from level to level. Ask any breeder that has been around. What home is best suited for their pet; the resounding answer of course is a Mercedes Pens.

Bases come in two colors, White and Black.
Available sizes are 48", 54”, and 72" bases.
All bases are available with jump through capability.
Accessories Include:

Call 1800-577-PENS (7367) to order the purrrrrrfect place for your little precious.

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